Live at the Mudlark Public Theater

Coming in June 2016! When their 'March of the Timeshifters' album was nominated by Zone Music Reporter as the Best Electronic Album of 2015, Sensitive Chaos knew they were going to attend the award show to see if they won. And then it dawned on them to book a show in New Orleans the night before the festivities and celebrate a few of them actually being in the same town at the same time. They found a cool performance venue in New Orleans and Jim Combs (from Atlanta, GA), Josie Quick (from Denver, CO), and Christian Birk (from Atlanta, GA and New Orleans, LA) were able to play some never-heard-before, never-to-be-heard-again music.


March of the Timeshifters
Best Electronic Album of 2015 Nominee

Zone Music Reporter Top 100 of 2013


Amerisynthecana cover image

Remembering Chestnuts, Icy Cold, and Bells
Best Holiday Album of 2012 Nominee

Seeker After Patterns
Zone Music Reporter Top 100 of 2011 & 2012

Remembering Chestnuts, Icy Cold, and Bells cover image

Seeker After Patterns cover image